Oakes Holiday Newsletter 2022

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Bill and Carrie in Cabo

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 Hello again to all of our friends and family...
 Wow. Just wow. What a year! We appreciated the little
we got to spend with a few of you and look forward to 2023 in the "new" normal! Below you'll see some
of the images and stories of the year, as well as a new family member!

As always, scroll down if interested...
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2021 ended with Delilah turning nine on Christmas Day (morning is for Christmas, evening is all about Delilah)!

February brought a couple of birthdays, Austin turned 16 and Nathan turned 30!

In April, Bill and Carrie went on family vacation with the kids - Nate and Retta, Ryan and Breezy, and Amy and Danny. Returning to Jaguar Country, the group stayed at Excellence Mayan Riveria. Nate and Retta joined Ryan and Breezy for a day at Chichen Itza, a quick beach stop, and both couples enjoyed swimming in a Cenotes. Back at the resort, locals kept a sharp watch on the entire group. Evenings were filled with tropical concoctions, great dinners, shows, more shows, and even an evening in the "secret" restaurant, where the group enjoyed an incredible hibachi chef,definitely master of her domain. The group enjoyed the pool, and even got out as a group on small motor boats for a "jungle tour" (sans jungle). On the last evening, the group joined Bill and Carrie on their rooftop patio. The boys enjoyed cigars while the girls enjoyed tropical drinks. Nathan also tried out for "most interesting man in the world" photo.

In May, Bill had to go to Boston for planning meetings, and decided to cram three days of sightseeing into one afternoon. He started at the Bunker Hill Memorial, and moved downhill to the USS Constitution, aka "Old Ironsides". He then preceded to Paul Revere's home, and ended the day - where everyone knows your name. The full photo album of the Boston trip can be found here.

June brought a bevy of birthdays - with Shaylee turning 14, Amy adding a year, and Ryan adding another trip around the sun later on in the month. Bill and Carrie also hosted a baby shower in June - Ryan and Breezy were expecting (more on that in a moment) baby Sophia in late August. Amy did a stunning job. with balloons throughout, a stunning charcuterie board, and a family photo on both sides of the couple.

In July, Bill and Carrie joined their friends Steve and Lisa in San Diego for a old fashioned Indepedence Day Celebration. A few weeks later, Bill had to go to New York for a conference - Carrie joined him a few days later for a weekend in the Big Apple. Staying at Margaritaville Times Square (of course), they donned flipflops, enjoyed drinks at It's Five O'Clock Somewhere, and crammed in one musical act and three Broadway shows.

August opened up with little Sophia Maeve Prewitt deciding she was done being in the oven, and joined the world on August 3rd (a mere four weeks early). Her great-grandfather, Jim, came out immediately to do grandpa duties, and Ryan now has three generations of Garland going. A few weeks later, Bill and Carrie joined friends Steve and Lisa, along with Lydia and Jerry, in Cabo for a few days of friendship and great meals by the sea,

In September, Savanah turned six! September also brought school days, with Austin, Shaylee, Delilah, and Savannah clearly excited about the new school year.

Fast forward to November - Bill and Carrie joined Ryan, Breezy, and Sophia in the mountains east of San Diego for an early Thanksgiving celebration with the Furlongs (Breezy's family). Also in November, Shaylee, a freshman in high school, was named to the Varsity futbol team!

Early in December, Bill and Carrie traveled to Redwood Valley for an early Pardini Christmas (one missing grandson, located here due to work commitments). While up North, Bill and Carrie joined the Pardini's to watch Shaylee in action, going against a bigger, stronger, and not nearly as talented team. Bill had to go to Paris to wrap up the year, and cramming an eight hour tour into two hours, he visited the Louvre, seeing the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and MANY other sculptures and paintings. For a complete wrapup of the Louvre, vist here. Wrapping up the month, Santa once again sent the girls their official Nice List certificates. And finally, Delilah has her tenth birthday to look forward to after Santa leaves!

And that about wraps up the year...Bill and Carrie wish all of you the best for 2023, and are truly hoping that this continued madness of COVID-19 variants is soon behind us - so that we can just truly get back to normal.

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