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 Hello again to all of our friends and family...
 Another year has gone by, and we appreciated the time
we got to spend with many of you. Below you'll find some of
the stories of those visits.

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2018 ended with Delilah turning six on Christmas Day, and their Papa stopping by for a visit a few days later.. January saw Nate visit Telluride with his girlfriend Retta, where they went horseback riding around her ranch, while Bill and Carrie joined Ryan and Breezy in a Hogwarts Escape Room.

February brought a couple of birthdays, Austin turned thirteen, while another birthday boy, Nathan, turned 27 this year. He's still in Flagstaff, more on that below. He spent his birthday weekend in Aviara with Retta, where he joined Bill and Carrie on a trip to San Diego Zoo. Breezy and Ryan joined the group for a fun dinner downtown.

In March, Nathan joined Retta's family in Costa Rica, where he definitely had a good time, as well as enjoying some great sunsets. Bill and Carrie went to the San Diego Busker (street performer) Festival at Seaport Village. Performances ranged from contortionists (who also had pretty amazing balance) to dancers, guitar players, feats of amazing strength, and of course, fire breathers. Pretty incredible, well worth seeing if a Busker Festival is held near you. More 2019 San Diego Busker Festival photos can be found here.

In April, Bill had a business trip to Dublin, Ireland. He stayed an extra day, putting in 15 miles on foot to visit such places as the oldest pub on the planet, the Ha'Penny Bridge, a distillery built in an old church, The Temple Bar district, the Long Room of the Old Library at Trinity College, and the most interesting place, the Kilmainham Gaol (Jail). This place has an incredible history, worth a five minute read. More photos from the Dublin trip can be found here.

Later in April, Austin continued his umpiring job, while Delilah tried to prove she was old enough to be a catcher on his team. Carrie's sister Missy came to Aviara for a visit. Ryan and Breezy came up for a day for a visit the infamous Carlsbad Flower Fields, where he got to spend some quality time with the two women of his life. More pictures of the Carlsbad Flower Fields visit can be found here.

In May, Austin and Shaylee showed their school spirit, while Savannah had a long chat with a local resident. Also of note in May was that Bill and Carrie's former home in Half Moon Bay closed, allowing them to start making their new house their home. Finally, you may recall that several years ago, Amy and Danny lost their home in a wildfire. In May, they purchased a new family home with several acres for horsess and other farm animals. Needless to say, the family is elated. Their new home address is 975 Bel Arbres Drive, Redwood Valley CA, 95470.

In June, Austin's baseball team won the league championship! Delilah also played baseball, making some new friends while Shaylee celebrated her eleventh birthday,as did Ryan with a pool party in Aviara. Ryan and Breezy also joined Bill and Carrie at several SD Legion home games (even making the program cover once). A great team that made it to the Championship game, where they lost in the last few seconds.

In July, Bill and Carrie celebrated 20 fantastic years of marriage (more on that below). In mid-July, Bill's old built-in grill was replaced with a new island, complete with a firepit, bar, TV, and of course, a fantastic grilling system. Also of note is that the Pardini's began to build out their new home, with the first new pet being Peppa Pig. Savannah clearly approved.

In August, Steve and Lisa, along with Ryan and Breezy, joined Carrie and Bill for a birthday weekend in Ensenada, touring their emerging wine country - definitely some interesting new wines and tequilas were enjoyed, along with a great sunset overlooking the Pacific with excellent cigars.

In September, Austin, Shaylee, and Delilah were off to start a new year of school, while Savannah enjoyed toddler freedom. The house was packed with family for a few weeks, as Bill's mom, Carrie's dad, Bill's sister Karen and Sandy, as well as Sandy's husband Ben, enjoyed the Aviara life. The group celebrated yet another of Sandy's 29th birthdays while Bill tended bar. Everyone had a fantastic time, and this machine stayed busy!

Also in September, Savannah turned three and Austin and Shaylee joined their respective basketball teams, and Amy got a chance to enjoy an ocean cruise with her best friend, Breann. And, as noted above, Bill and Carrie celebrated their 20th anniversary. In September, they celebrated. They started their adventure in Munich, where they went to OctoberFest - visiting the Spaten tent, then touring the HUGE complex that is built and torn down every year. A trip to Munich requires a trip to Haufbrau House, as well as the incredible Deutsches Museum (Museum of Science and Technology) - easily the best museum either had visited. Bill and Carrie flew to Budapest for the next leg of their adventure - a 2 1/2 week journey on the Danube, Main (pronounced mine" and Rhine Rivers on the Viking Lif riverboat. Waiting for them in Budapest were good friends Steve and Lisa, who joined them for the river portion of the trip (the Marx glasses were part of an elaborate ruse - truly well done). Cruising on these idyllic rivers, the foursome visited some incredible sites, such as a 12th century stone bridge and the Marienberg Fortress. In Bamberg, Steve, Carrie, and Bill (getting photobombed) tried a local specialty, smoked beer. All agreed it should stay local. The foursome then visited Wertheim (home to Wertheim Castle) Katz Castle, Marksburg Castle, and then spent a day in Cologne, eventually ending up at the top of Cologne Cathedral. They then visited Kinderdijk, taking a cruise in the canals to visit a working windmill. After arriving in Amsterdam, Steve and Lisa left for home, while Bill and Carrie continued on to Bruges, including the infamous Belfry (in the movie "In Bruges", this has a very dark, very funny cameo). In Amsterdam, Bill was happy to see this everywhere, and they of course had to visit Heineken. They finally had to end their anniversary trip, but it wasn't all over. They got home Friday night, and Saturday brought an evening with Jimmy Buffett! They went to Disneyland the next day just to checkout the new Star Wars area - incredibly well done. More pictures of each section of the European Adventure can be found by clicking the link(s) below:

In December, Bill and Carrie flew to Flagstaff, where they were happy to watch Nathan receive his Baccalaureate Degree - a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance. His dad was incredibly proud of the moment. Nates current address is 500 N. Mall Way, Apt 202, Flagstaff AZ 86004 if you'd like to pass on your congratulations.

December of course, also brings the holidays. Both Austin and Shaylee went to the Winter Dance, while Savannah demonstrated which list she was likely to end up on (she wasn't). Shaylee finally got her dream, and Austin, Shaylee, Delilah and Savannah all had a final chance to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. The Pardini's headed out to find the perfect Christmas tree, and Santa once again sent all four of the kids their official Nice List Certificate. And finally, Delilah has her seventh birthday to look forward to after Santa leaves!

And that about wraps up the year...Bill and Carrie wish all of you the best for 2020!

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